ELITECH RCW-2100 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger (LoRa)
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ELITECH RCW-2100 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger (LoRa)


The wireless temperature and humidity monitor system uses advanced LoRa communication technology and is consists of the wireless temperature and humidity sensors RCW-2100/2200, the wireless gateway RCW-2000WiFi, Elitech app and Cloud platform etc. By networking these products with various transmission methods of LoRa/Wi-Fi and combinations of Elitech app and cloud platform, the system allows users to not only view the real-time data remotely but also view historical data and graphs & export data reports.

Technical Specification

# Measurement range: Temperature: -30≧~65≧; Humidity: 10%RH~100%RH
# Accuracy: Temperature: ±0.5≧; Humidity: ±5%RH
# Memory capacity: 20,000 recording points
# Record interval: 1 minute to 24 hours
# Uploading mode: LoRa
# Battery: Two ER14335 lithium batteries (non-rechargeable)
# Durations: Up to 1 year (uploading interval under 10 minutes) (@25≧)
# Protection level: IP65
# Operating frequency: 470~510 MHz ISM band

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